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We will make you a profit. Simple as that.
make a profit
At Ingage we have a real focus on generating quantifiable business. Business that proves a profit - not just your money back. Business that ensures Ingage is a worthwhile part of your marketing mix.
There are lots of ways to use email to generate enquiries and drive sales. Sign up and we'll send you hints, tips and samples.  

Email offers your business a uniquely measurable form of marketing. Metrics allow you to track performance of your campaign to see how each campaign generates website traffic, bookings, online purchases, document downloads and enquiry form captures.
In realtime your reports will show you:

  • how many people opened your email,
  • how many clicked on a link
  • what are the most popular links
  • who is unsubscribing
generate enquiries  

Most of our customers are looking for sales enquiries and footfall. While the internet can’t track the people who call or the feet that fall you will see a noticeable increase in phone enquiries immediately after a campaign goes out.

As regards footfall we can help with some simple processes to help you track where your visitors are coming from.

what messages work for your business?

We always include some traceable links in your email so that you can see what it is that your audience is interested in. Reports on the most popular links will show you what sales messages are working better than others - with some surprising results.

Every campaign offers a great opportunity for you to shout about the other stuff that you do. A link from the mailshot to these products and services on your website will allow you to see what your readers are interested in. This information is great to help you plan your next campaign or special offer.   

get valuable feedback        
When someone removes themselves from your list it’s not necessarily that you’ve annoyed them or they don’t like you.   It may be because they are no longer interested in your products or services or simply that they keep a tidy inbox and want to keep it that way.   Either way – your unsubscribe list is always worth a read. We guarantee you that you’ll see a few names that might need a quick a phone call!

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