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A blog is a casual, easy to use publishing system that lets you to update your customers with your latest news and marketing messages. A good blog gives readers a reason to return to your website, delivers feedback while helping your position on search engines.
Be sure to include a subscribe form on your blog pages. As people read more they will be keener to subscribe.
already have a blog?
Are you unsure what to post? Are you afraid of dreaded comments? Don’t worry. We can help to get you started.

Getting started on a blog is really easy. While installation is simple tweaking a theme to look like yours is a bit fiddly. Ingage offers you a complete design service so that your blog is in keeping with the rest of your website, marketing collateral and brand.

We don’t stop there. Ever determined as we are to create profitable engagements we’ll help you determine the content you should be posting, how to deal with reader comments and  feedback and how to convert readers to customers. 

fresh content - as often as you like.

The dynamic nature of a blog is the perfect antidote to the static brochure website you paid for 2 years ago. Without making any changes to your existing website you can have a simple publishing system for you to update yourself without contracting your web designer.

Start posting your new products, hints and tips, evolving marketing messages, simple case studies and customer stories.

start talking

Blogs are built to be a two-way dialogue. Your blog can allow comments where readers respond to your post with feedback and questions. This provides you with great feedback from your audience - questions; comments; concerns and ideas. Think about it - how much of your sales pitch is based on your experience answering customer queries and dealing with their objections.

Your blog will provide you more customer issues to base your marketing on while progressing sales and building loyalty.

boost your google juice
One of the most effective ways to raise your profile on the search engines is by maintainging a blog on your website. Search engines are impressed by updated and current content; by frequent and return visitors and by external links from other blogs to yours.

so easy

Blogs work best when written by an individual - truthfully and casually. This is a personal dialogue and should be written as you would an email to a good friend. Don’t let your lazy prozaic style put you off getting started. 

Ingage will set up and design your blog to fit with your brand and existing website. You and your team can log-in from any web browser and start posting.

  share the knowledge and increase credibility

Somone in your business is already an expert - on your entire sector, a service offering or just a single product. Providing a platform to publish thoughts, tips and opinions will win readers, win respect and will lead to increased credibility in your market sector.

show who you are        
The casual nature of a blog provides a great way to allow your site visitors to see who they they are doing business with.   By Having different staff posting to the company blog you will show personalities.   A gallery of photos - staff and customers at trade shows, product launches, even Friday night drinkies - will show your company culture while putting faces to names.

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